Check PNR StatusIRCTC PNR Status, check Indian Railway PNR Status online. PNR is a short form of Passenger Name Record. Indian Railways provide 10 digits PNR Number at the time of booking the tickets so that the passengers can easily check PNR Status online. Indian Railway provides online facility to check PNR Status for passengers who wish to know whether their berths are confirmed or not? Most of the people nowadays prefer to book the Reservation tickets in Railways before travelling.


PNR Number is printed on the left upper corner of the Ticket. PNR Status can be checked through many ways like online via internet, via SMS, by Android App and by dialing toll free number of Indian Railway. The different ways to check PNR Status can be explained as follows:

PNR Status by SMS

SMS Write PNR (space) 10 Digit PNR Number > and send it to 54959

SMS Write PNR (space) 10 Digit PNR Number > and send it to 5676747

SMS Write PNR (space) 10 Digit PNR Number > and send it to 139

SMS Write IRPNR (space) 10 Digit PNR Number > and send it to 57886

PNR Status by Dialing Toll Free Number

Dial 139 Toll Free Number to check PNR Status. By dialing Toll Free Number 139, you can check PNR Status, Departure Time and Arrival Time of Trains, Seat Availability etc.

PNR Status Online

PNR Status

The Indian Railways provides Reservation Facilities for long journeys. The Reservation is available 60 Days maximum before the journey. The passengers can book the tickets through both online and offline mode. When the Reservation is full (i.e. No seats available), the passenger is given Reservation Ticket with WL (Wait List) or RAC (Reservation Against Cancellation).

The Reservation Ticket with WL means the passenger’s seat is not confirmed. To check the status of the Ticket is called PNR Status. PNR stands for Passenger Name Record, which can be checked through above mentioned ways. The passengers who get Reservation with RAC (Reservation Against Cancellation) has more benefit. Because Reservation with RAC means the passenger will be given berths (seats) when other will cancel the Reservation. This benefit is also available throughout the journey.

Here we are providing some full forms of codes provided by Indian Railway in Reservation tickets:

  1. RAC means Reservation Against Cancellation i.e. you will be provided Berth in Reservation Coach when other passengers will cancel his/her Reservation.
  2. WL means Waiting List i.e. your berth is not confirmed in Reservation Coach.
  3. CNF means Confirmed i.e. CNF indicates that the Reservation you booked is confirmed and the Reservation Coach Number and the Berth Number will be given in Chart.
  4. GNWL means General Wait List
  5. PQWL means Pooled Quota Wait List
  6. RLWL means Remote Location Wait List
  7. REGRET/WL means Bookings are over i.e. REGRET/WL indicates that Bookings are not permitted anymore.
  8. RELEASED Ticket means the Reservation Ticket is not cancelled but you have given alternative berth.
  9. CAN/MOD means Cancelled or Modified Passenger.
  10. R# #RAC means Coach Number and Berth Number.

You can also check your PNR Status online through Indian Railway website at

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